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Write a Shopping List

Making a shopping list is generally used for purchasing things you need at the grocery store. Random purchases are always irresponsible and will have you spending more than you can afford.

How to Make a Shopping List

Make a master list. A master list is a compilation of your purchases when you go to do general shopping. General shopping is everything you use on a daily basis with some extra items that are used occasionally but considered necessary when the time comes for use.

list1Place the list on your refrigerator door and make a tick beside items you have used, so the next time you go shopping these are the items you have to replace. Having done this will help you have better control over how much you spend.

Let the master list remain on the fridge, and whenever you use an item there is a new list you make. This list is also on the fridge door. This is your current shopping list whenever you go shopping. Have everyone in the home write items used or finished on the new list as it will ensure you replace everything that you need.

Shopping for a Special Meal

Planning a special meal requires knowing what is needed beforehand for the recipe. Check the pantry or cupboards to see what items you already have and make a list of what you need. Without the list, you may find you purchase items you already have and may not remember to buy what you do need.

If some items on the list are what you use more frequently, it may be wise to purchase more than one of each so as to lessen the number of trips to the supermarket. This will certainly save on gas, especially if you live some miles away from the supermarket.

Pre-plan Your Shopping List

Your pantry is like a visual aisle in the supermarket and easily checked for items that will run out. If you gauge the use of these items and add them to the current list, as a general rule you will not run out of them. Check the pantry once per week and add these items to your list for shopping.list2

In this way, you can double-check as not all members of the household will add items used or nearly finished to the list. Some may not even bother, so to save on many trips it is best that you double check the pantry. If you store cleaning items in the wash area, then a list is also needed in the washroom. Just place one on the wall, or if there are cupboards, tape the list on one of them. Bathroom items as well need their very own list, so place a list on the storage door.

Making the ideal shopping list needs to have all category items. Here is sample of an ideal shopping list:

  • Meats/ Seafood’s
  • Vegetables/fruits
  • Dessert items
  • Grains/Herbs and Spices
  • Refrigerated items (dairy, etc.)
  • Cleaning items
  • Bathroom supplies

The above shopping list is a guide to your own personal master list that takes into consideration your family’s personal needs.

Just remember to check your list before you go shopping!