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Notes for Studying

When it comes to academic success, students can count on a number of study skills and approaches. Also, it is also about commitment and passion for studying. Without the passion and commitment, then it is almost impossible for any student to achieve good scores and success in the academic setting. This is the reason why students should be physically and emotionally ready when attending classes, and they should be equipped with the right study skills and approaches. And one such study skill that should be harnessed by students is note taking.note12

In the academic setting, note taking is considered as a critical requirement in both the teaching and learning process, particularly in content-heavy subjects like STEM, Social Sciences and the like. Since students are bombarded with content, ideas, and figures, it is only critical for the student to learn how to arrange the information, and note taking is the best possible way to do this.

Now, there are different approaches to note taking, just like in teaching approaches and strategies. The challenge for students is to understand the different kinds of note taking systems available and start taking down notes as soon as possible.

Cornell Notes

note14If you want a systematic way of organizing and handling notes, then the Cornell approach is the best option. This note taking system is easy to implement and can be used in a number of subjects and courses, from Sciences to Social Sciences. Also, you can follow this note taking approach using a basic blank piece of paper. Using the Cornell method you will create a system that has a ‘flash card effect.’ To create your notes using Cornell, you will need to divide a piece of paper in two, with the left side acting as your ‘clue,’ and the right side will include a more in-depth listing of information or explanation.

Once you have completed the notes, both on the left and the right side of the paper, you simply fold the paper into two, with only the contents on the left side being shown. Using this approach, your brain will be tested and challenge to think more and harder, instead of simply remembering the information.

Go Visual with Visual Notes

If you are the type of person who loves to draw and learn better by looking at illustrations and drawings, then a visual approach to note taking should work for you. In this approach to note taking, you will depend on doodling to help remember and point out specific information and details. This helps promote a fun way of note taking and learning, and make kids more interested in the teaching and learning processes.note11

As soon as concepts are linked with ideas, then student’s brain will be pressed to remember the information associated with the drawing or doodle. Thanks to this arrangement, the students get to learn better.

These are just the best two ways on how to take down notes. Whatever you choose, it’s critical that you start jotting notes today, and process the information as soon as possible.