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Good Apps to Take Notes On the Go

Note taking is no longer just a skill and requirement that you can find in academic settings. Whether you are a young professional, a freelance writer or designer, or a poker player, you can also count on note taking as a skill and competency.

phone7The great thing about note taking is that it allows you to capture moments and ideas anytime, and wherever you are. This is the reason why many writers, artists, students and professionals invest in note taking to sustain their passion, and the flow of ideas. And for many students and young professionals, the idea of note taking means bringing in a small notebook or pad of paper, which can be used when jotting down notes.

But did you know that there is now a flexible, convenient and modern way of taking down notes? Yes, you can do this using your smartphone and laptop, through the use of good apps to notes in. As they always say, ‘there’s an app for that’, and you can now download one on your smartphone or laptop.

If you are keen on improving your productivity at work or when playing at the casino, you may want to consider these popular and effective note taking applications.

  • Evernote

This app comes for free, and you will definitely like this. This note taking application works great for creative people, from writers to designers, and can also work for business owners. Evernote can be installed on Windows phone, Android and iOS.

ever1With Evernote, you are given flexibility on how to take down and manage your notes and ideas- you can dictate notes and ideas, or you can manually enter your to-do lists. This robust app also incorporates text identification, which can easily recognize printed and handwritten text. This means that you can easily manage your texts and other notes, and you can search for certain texts, from a wide range of documents including PDF and memo.

  • OneNote

This is another note writing app for free, and can work for Windows, Android and iOS. OneNote should work well with professionals, executives and business owners, thanks to its integration with Microsoft Office.

Also, since this app easily syncs with OneNote cloud, this means that you can easily access your files anywhere, provided that your device, like a smartphone, is connected to the internet. It is also easier to recall or find an old note that you have drafted weeks or months ago, thanks to the search functionality. And for busy business owners and professionals who do not want to open the app, there is a widget that allows instant note taking.

  • ColorNote

If you are looking for an efficient and basic note taking application, free from the usual bells and whistles, then ColorNote for Android should work for you. As the name suggests, you can organize and arrange your notes through color-coding. This simple way of organizing notes will make it easier for you to find notes, and glance at your ideas. This should also help you set reminders.

  • Notability

phone1Compared to the other note taking applications that are listed here, the Notability app comes at a minimal price. Although this note taking app comes with a price, it is packed with premium features that you are sure to love. For example, you can count on this app to do a variety of note taking actions, like sketching ideas and listing some notes. You can also incorporate some pictures and videos.

There are loads of note taking apps available, and these apps listed here are some of the best in the market. With the right app working for you, generating that next best idea is possible.