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Funny Notes for the Workplace

Communication is critical when it comes to an office work environment and organization. Effective communication in the workplace helps define the roles and responsibilities of the employees and managers, and can also help clarify issues and concerns. And for many Human Resource professionals, the idea of promoting communication and understanding in the workplace is done through a number of tools, particularly through the use of memos and bulletin boards.

note1The use of memos is the most common option used by HR practitioners and the management, and often these memos are used to disseminate rules and regulations, and programs to be implemented. In some cases, corporate announcements and issuance are done through the use of bulletin boards. Both bulletin boards and the use of memos are traditional tools used in promoting inter-agency and organizational communication.

Sharing is Caring

But did you know that there are other ways of sharing and disseminating information? One way is by sending funny notes for the workplace- these are handwritten notes or Post-It notes that can be scribbled and left on the desk or the computer of another employee. While these funny notes do not focus on critical issues, they are helpful in motivating employees, and in adding fun and humour in the workplace.note16

Still undecided on the use of funny notes in the workplace? If you are a practicing Human Resource professional, or just another employee who wants to change the way communication is treated in the workplace, then consider the following benefits of informal notes.

Use Fun Notes to Acknowledge Your Employees

Sure, certificates and cash prizes can go a long way in showing appreciation for the good work of the employees, but there is a fun and creative way of commending their work. What you can do instead is to use funny and lighthearted notes in the workplace.

These fun and lighthearted notes can serve as ‘thank-you notes,’ and can go a long way in building their commitment and loyalty to the organization. When you thank an employee for a job well done, even by the use of a simple ‘thank-you note’, the employee becomes more motivated, and he will work and strive to meet the goals of the organization. If you thank your employees through the use of these notes, they become happier in the workplace, and they will treat the other employees with respect.

So the next time some employees need a tap in back, go ahead, write them a fun and lighthearted thank you note.

Brighten Up Their Day with Funny Notes

note20Sometimes, a simple, funny note can change the motivation and the dynamics of employees. If someone is having a bad day, or have received a reprimand from the boss, then you can use a Post-It and leave an uplifting message on the desk. Or another creative step is to leave a note with a smiley on the coffee mug to make someone smile.

Fun and creative notes are important not just for HR practitioners, but for employees as well who wants to promote a conducive work environment. So instead of writing angry letters or notes, perhaps you can try the lighthearted route- write funny notes for your employees, and see the difference it makes!