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7 Love Notes to Put in Your Loved One’s Lunch Box

There are many ways to rekindle or continue having a great love life with your mate that are not expensive and really a lot of fun. The saying “a picture says a thousand word” is very true.notelove

Imagine having your spouse or lover reading a loving note you strategically left in his or her lunch box and the many sparks that are kindled throughout the day. Or a pictorial valentine with love words placed on the bathroom mirror; this will certainly start the love juices flowing!

All this is in anticipation of what to expect come evening when the children are in bed, or if there are no children, what sparks will fly.

Here Are 7 Suggested Love Notes You May Consider Using as Foreplay:

1. I love how you tickle me!

2. You are my “Rock Star”; come play my strings!

3. Don’t work too hard today, I have plans!

4. I am happy to have you in my life

5. Remember the wine for dessert later!

6. True love is cuddling with you on a cold night!

7. Come home and KISS ME! KISS ME! Till I melt!

The art of writing these love notes comes from a place inside you where your true feelings are. It is a way to evoke the feelings you have for your lover. No other person will be able to say what you mean except you. Hilarity is also a form of expression you may use, especially if he or she has a good sense of humour. Being comfortable in each other’s company and having a good laugh is a good way to end the day after working hard.love1 

Food can be another way to evoke love in a relationship. Make his or her favourite meal and add a touch of love poetry to the evening. You can write your very own poem or steal words from a great love poet who will say what you really want to. Sometimes you can find greeting cards that say exactly what you want to say, just address it to your partner.

An expression of love does not have to be expensive, just creative. The simpler things in life really do mean a lot.