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Make Better Notes

Confusion is never good especially when you have aims and objectives that you need to accomplish. Organization in one’s life will help to accomplish these goals.

A task as simple as making notes, will help you see a formal plan taking shape, which in some people’s eyes may look like a “road map” for success. Discipline is also important, because if you are not sold on the concept of the journey that is plotted, you will definitely end up confused, disappointed, and defeated even before you start.note5

Taking Notes in School

Discipline needs to begin at the point you are able to decide your goals in life. School is a great place to start structuring your life. Studies entail learning as much as possible to ensure success in your chosen career. Taking notes effectively is a skill which is learned.

Writing words on a notepad is not effectively taking notes; you need to have a formula.

  • Preparation is important; have your tools at your disposal. Pens, pencils, markers, rulers, notepad are tools you will need
  • Find a comfortable seat that enables you to see the board as well as hear every word that is spoken by the lecturer or teachernote2
  • Nothing is wrong with using a laptop to take notes, but, writing your notes will afford you the intimacy with the information and longhand note-taking has the advantage of you focusing on keywords that help you to remember better. Information you already know need not be written again, just the relevant details of new things you never knew before; this expands your library of information
  • An important step is to ask questions when you don’t understand something. Think about it; if you don’t understand how will you if you do not ask questions?
  • Highlight relevant information in your textbooks, so it is easy to study or do reviews. Use bookmarks with stickers attached at the edge of the page to easily find necessary material
  • Review your notes to ensure you have learned the information. Give yourself a little pop quiz on the notes you have taken to know how much you remember

Repetition as a Discipline

The information above is an important practice to become more proficient at taking notes. Once you repeat these pointers, over time it will become a part of you and you have acquired this discipline. It will stay with you as long as you find it helpful. After time, you may even develop a formula that works for you.